"A Word" With Adrian Erlandsson from the LEGENDARY Band AT THE GATES !!!

Before I start I'd like to say H@%!$ $@$ !!!!!!
At The Gates are my all time favorite band, the reason why i love the Metal scene so fucking much !!!
I idolize and respect them deeply...They are one of the pioneers of the Melodic Death Metal genre and are one of the greatest bands in the history of Death metal and Heavy Metal ... in their 6 year run (1990-1996) they created and popularized a sound that is used by bands till today all over the world !... this past summer the band decided to have a Headlinging Reunion Tour "Suicidal Final Art Tour" which they wrapped up recently.
I got the honor-full chance to ask Adrian Erlandsson (Pounding Drums) a few questions about the Reunion, a chance for any new material between the guys, DANI and MORE !

Heres how it went:

How was the At The Gates reunion shows ?

We had such a good time, its sad to realise that its now over. It was very cool to see and hear the response to the old songs! Very very good time!!

Horns: You guys have said you will not release another album under the At The Gates legacy, but would there be a possible collaboration between Tomas,Martin,Anders,Jonas and Yourself ??

Adrian: No new ATG album for sure, there might be a DVD but no new album. We have to see about the collaboration, no plans have been made, it would be very cool though.

Hows things coming along with Nemhain ?

Adrian: We are just finishing the mix of our debut album. It will be released digitally via the net by the end of November. Then on discs in spring 2009.

Horns: Do you like Danni's voice ?

I like it ALOT when i can't hear it.

(Hysterically Laughing) So True !!

I'd like to thank Adrian for taking the time to send me feedback.
And for all the amazing music from At The Gates,The Haunted,Cradle of Filth to his new Band Nemhain !!

At The Gates On Myspace
Nemhain On Myspace

(double click on the videos below and click on "Watch In High Quality" to watch the videos in very decent quality)

At The Gates - Blinded By Fear (Live Gods Of Metal 2008)

At The Gates - Cold (Live Ruisrock 2008)

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