"A Word" With Antony from Kaoteon!

Kaoteon are a Blackened Death Metal band from Beirut,Lebanon. We got a chance to catch up with Antony Kaoteon (Founder/Guitarist) and ask him about the Metal scene in Lebanon, whats new with Kaoteon and more.

Here's how it went:

Whats going on at Camp Kaoteon lately?

Well we are recording our full length as we speak and we are playing some local gigs to enjoy our times. Nothing much beside, except that we are getting great reviews for our Promo release of Anthem of the Dead from all over the world. check it out at http://www. metalje. com/kaoteon or just hear it on myspace

TMR: What bands are you guys into lately?

Antony: Too many to count actually, we're into every track that delivers a good mesmerizing sound of real life's experience.

TMR: Hows the Metal Scene in Beirut nowadays?

Antony: Some say its bad, others say its good, for KAOTEON it was never bad, the headbangers here enjoy our shows to the most and we enjoy going crazy along with them. Other than that, I am personally too busy to get into details nowadays

TMR: Beer or Weed?

Antony: Beer definitely, the fuel of every raging heart.

I'd like to thank Antony for sending me feedback.

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