"A Word" With Antony Hamalainen from Nightrage

Nightrage is back and this time they'll Cock Punch you,melt your ears,rip your hair and set you on fire while your still head banging like a mother fucker ... got the chance to ask Frontman Antony Hamalainen a few questions about the upcoming album, hows it shapeing up and how does it feel to be part of Nightrage...Heres how it went :

Horns: Are you guys in the writing process ?

Antony: yes we are. so far it's going really well. this time we have marios and olof writing all the music together and Im doing the lyrics and vocal melodies. Marios is also writing awesome lyrics that we are using as well, he is the
multi talented man of the band!

Horns: Now that its been a while, hows being a part of nightrage feel ?

Antony: for me it still all feels very new. but I'm having a lot of fun on the road with the guys and feel very accepted in the writing process as well. Nightrage feels like a real family and a real team to me. Its finally all coming together for us nicely.

What bands are you into lately ?

Antony: I'm really not listening to much new stuff anymore. everything i hear just pisses me off. its all cookie cutter shit. The only bands i think that are still putting out decent records are Disfear, The Haunted, and Dark Tranquillity. Still I'm listening to all the music i grew up on; Immortal, At The Gates, Carcass, Emperor, Testament, Slayer, Napalm Death etc etc

Horns: Did you listen to the new Metallica ? if yes how much do you hate it ?

Antony: I don't hate it at all. Most people that say they hate this record are the kind of people that have no life and just want to complain about the band. They are to successful for underground people to handle. But I'm a musician and i don't just judge a record based on one song. I dissect it all, and Metallica put out the best album since 15 years ago. So I will not hate on a band for trying to recapture some amazing moments.

Horns: did you guys consider Tomas popping up on the album ?

Antony: We thought about it. asking Tomas to do a duet with me, we're not sure if it is a good idea or not. The new album is sounding very much like the first 2 Nightrage albums. And everyone really seems to like my voice live. all the reviews have been 100% positive. so im excited about that. but of course if Tomas wanted to do it I would be interested very much. He is one of my heros.

Thank you soo much Antony for taking the time to give us a feedback, and cant wait to hear you lay down your destruction on the new album !!!!

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