"A Word" With Ayman Ali from KSA's Own Wasted Land !!!

Ayman from Wasted Land gave The Buster his feedback on whats going on with the metal scene nowadays in good'ol J-town and Saudi Arabia in general, I'd like to thank Ayman for his Feedback !
Here's how it went :

Horns: How is the scene nowadays in SA ?

Well the metal scene is bit down these days due to Ramadan you know.

Whats up with Wasted Land ?

Ayman: Wasted Land is still busy with recording their next album and we are still have some difficulties due building our own studio these days.

Are you planning on playing any shows outside of Saudi Arabia anytime soon ?

Ayman: Well we were going to play in Dubai next october but things came up forced us not to go.

What bands are you into nowadays ?

Well myself i am into Eluvutie and the new metallica album.

I'd like to thank Ayman for his feedback ... and keep an eye out for Wasted Land bringing the Folk Sounds of hell from within their new album !!!

Wasted Land On Myspace

Wasted Land Performing Live At Shamal (Now Called United We Rock)
(Click on the player to go to youtube and watch the higher quality version of the video)

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