"A Word" with Barney from Nervecell !!!!

Nervecell !!! Any true metal head from the region MUST know about Nervecell, they are the middle east's guttural voice to the foreign masses the band already "Demolished" Desert Rock (Dubai),Metal Camp (Tolmin, Slovenia),Metalstock (Australia),Egypt Metal Festival (Cairo) and these are just a few to name ... The band released a new album "Preaching Venom" and i got the chance to have "A Word" with Barney (Guitars)
Heres how it went:

You guys released your new album "Preaching Venom" and the reviews started coming in, are you happy with them ?

Barney: Extremely, we are still waiting for a couple more and hope that we get more positive reviews like we have been getting recently. Hopefully Preaching Venom will soon become available across the world with the help of these reviews.

TMR: How was playing Dubai Desert Rock 08 ?

Barney: Desert Rock is always a blast, its home for us and it was our second time to be a part of the festival. We were very glad to know that Nervecell and Machine Head were the only 2 bands who ever got invited to play the festival for the second time. Apart from that I had fun meeting some new fans and rockin out to 15,000 + kids going crazy in the pits.

TMR: Will you be playing the festival again next year in support of your new album ?

Barney: You know we would actually love too, especially since the album is still very fresh at the moment and Im sure there are a lot of fans who would like to hear some of the new material live. Who knows?..it really depends on how bad the fans wanna see us. We have plans to tour Europe around the time next year though so lets see what happens.

TMR: Looking back at the days when you guys first started Nervecell, did you intend to go international ?

Barney: I wouldnt say we intended too, but I will say that we believed our music was indeed strong enough and hence could stand out on an international level. We always took our music seriously from day 1 so I guess yeah the possibility of going international was always in our heads, we just had to undergo a lot of work and sacrifice to get there. None of this just happened overnight for us.

TMR: What bands are you guys into lately ?

Barney: Speaking for myself lately Ive been listening to the new Aborted, Neuraxis, Krisiun, Hate...etc, not really into a lot of the newer bands. The last band that really got my attention was the Black Dahlia Murder couple of years ago, but after them a whole bunch of bands just started to come out and sound a lot like each other which was a bit of a piss off!

TMR: Any plans of a video release ?

Barney: Yes we actually just did a video shoot last month for a track from "Preahing Venom", I cant really give away the track name for which we did the video for but you should find out in a months time so stay tuned for that.

TMR: Whats next for Nervecell ?

Barney: To tour the world and live in a bus for a year or more where we will be supporting our new album "Preaching Venom".

I would like to thank Barney for taking the time to answer my questions.

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Check out the song "Vicious Circle of Blooshed" and "For Every Victim Fallen" amazinly brutal tracks !

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