"A Word" With Chris Spicuzza from Chimaira

Chimaira is an American Heavy Metal band and is one of the most notable bands in the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, the band are currently recording a new album and it was announced recently that they will be playing at Dubai Desert Rock 2009.

I got to ask Chris Spicuzza (keyboards, samples, backing vocals) about the new record, playing DDR 2009, joining "Dethklok" on tour and more.

Here's how it went:

Horns: It was announced that Chimaira will be playing Dubai Desert Rock 2009, how are you guys feeling about stepping into the middle eastern territory?

Chris: At first the idea seems sketchy since you're pretty much going into the hornet's nest. It's not the most comforting feeling knowing you are so close to unstable land. I've spoken to many bands that had nothing but good things to say about their experience in Dubai. I'm pretty excited to go. For the hell of it we checked the price on that super crazy hotel. I guess we aren't staying the night there, we were quoted $42,000.

Horns: Hows the recordings coming along?

I've heard completed music for 11 songs. Vocals and samples/keyboards are just getting started now. Drum tracking begins on October 21st. We should be done tracking by December.
You guys can keep track of everything by visiting chimaira.com.
We've done a pretty good job of keeping studio content flowing.

Horns: What can you tell us about the new album? (lyrical theme, the sound your going for ?)

Chris: We never make the same record twice. Expect some new twists and turns. Of course it still sounds like Chimaira.

Horns: Hows working with Ben Schigel on the new record?

Chris: It hasn't really started. He came in to help us track some rough drums for a few tunes. That's really it. I'm pretty much out of the loop.

Horns: You guys joined Brendan Smalll on "The Dethklok Tour" how was the experience?

Prior to the tour I Just heard of Dethklok but didn't understand what it was.
We are always touring so I never catch Adult Swim. The show was amazing. I loved it and watched almost every night. The musicians in Dethklok are all top notch players and stand up guys. Everything about that tour was an absolute pleasure. It sure beat sitting out in the sun on some summer festival.

Horns: Are you guys planning on releasing another DVD?

Yep. Sorry I don't have any details right now.

I'd like to thank Chris for taking the time to send me feedback, and for being really cool to contact.

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