"A Word" With Per Jensen from The Haunted !!!

The Haunted are one of Sweden's biggest metal exports !!! and are gearing up for a world-wide tour and the release of their new album "Versus", i got the chance to ask sludger/pounder/drummer Per Jensen a few questions on whats going on with The Haunted at the moment
Heres how it went :

Horns: With a new album coming out, what do you guys have stored for the masses ?

Per: Just starting a world campaign on october 1. that will go on into the next year...starting in Sweden and moving to Norway, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Japan and more in Asia, South America, Europe and the US.

Horns: Are you guys planning on releasing another live album ?

Per: Well, maybe...probably more likely to release a live dvd at some point, but nothing is planned ATM

Horns: What track should we expect a video for on this album ?

Per: The first video will Moronic Colossus, and we have plans for a couple more...

Horns: What bands are you guys listening to lately ?

Mostly older stuff as always....me personally: Cirith Ungol, John Coltrane, Artillery, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Miles Davis all types of shit...

Horns: Did you listen to the new Metallica ? how much do you hate it ?

Per: I heard a couple of songs....I liked it, only to me the songs were too long, just for no reason...I have all the respect in the world for metallica

I'd like to thank Per for being so frigging awesome and for taking the time to send me feedback !!!

the new album "Versus" is already out in most of Europe and will be released on October 14th in the US .... click here to order !

Check out The Haunted on Myspace for a little taste of the new album !!
One more time Myspace !

VERSUS Myspace Report Episode 6/6

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