"A Word" With Marios From Nightrage

Marios checks in and answers a few questions involving why Jimmie left the band, the possibility of guest singers on the new album and more.

Here's how it went :

Moe: How’s the recording coming along?

Marios: The new album coming along very smoothly and we have the best time writing the new songs. The music is written by me and Olof and we have a really good chemistry doing some great arrangements and tunes together. The lyrics is a team work along me and Antony, he understand the concept and the themes that we are dealing with Nightrage. We are very excited with the new songs and we feel that we have that fire and the drive to make the best Nightrage album so far, and also recapture the old true feeling and emotions that we had on our first 2 albums.

Moe: Can we expect another duet song on this album, like on Sweet Vengeance?

Marios: We have some ideas about it and we haven’t decided anything yet, it all depends from the songwriting and how the new songs will shine. We also feel that we have a really strong unit as a band right now and we want to keep up in our strengths as well, but at the same time a cool guest from some friends will only add to the whole picture.

Moe: Do you mind telling us what happened with Jimmie, it was all of the sudden and much unexpected, what ever happened with him?

Marios: We had so many problems with Jimmie he was totally the wrong guy being in the band, he had his own issues and he was putting his own problems in the band. It came to a point that we couldn’t work together anymore. He was very confused and he had this Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde persona that could cause so much pain in himself and his friends. I believed in him and I was trying to help him but he was not able to listen, I wish that he will find himself one day and fix his life together. One day I just told him that he is out of the band, it was so hard and painful and I feel very sorry for him.

Moe: What are you guys listening to lately?

Marios: The new Metallica rocks the hell out man, the masters are back. I listen also my old albums like Maiden, Testament. I really like some Greek bands like Septicflesh, Rotting Christ and Firewind that they are doing a good name for Greece. We as Nightrage we have the same attitude and we want to give a good name for Greece and the metal in general.

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