"A Word" With Mark McKernan from Daysend !!!

"A Word" with Australia's Melodic Death Thrashers Daysend Frontman
Mark Mckernan !!! Mark talks about supporting Carcass, a new album, on the possibility of a DVD release and more ...
Heres how it went "

Horns: You guys are going to support Carcass in October, are you guys excited ?

Mark: Hell yeah! Carcass were one of those bands that helped define the death metal genre. I think I can safely say we are all very excited and honoured to share the stage with them.

Horns: Are you planning on releasing a DVD ?

At some point yeah definately. At this stage it is not at the forefront of our plans, but it's definately something we would like to do. We just need more footage of ourselves being idiots, that always seems to go down well.

Horns: Did you start writing new material for an upcoming album ?

Mark: We'll be locking ourselves away very soon to start work on a new album planned for release next year.

Horns: What music are you into lately ?

Mark: Right now I can't stop listening to Nocturnal by The Black Dahlia Murder. I got this album when it first came out but have only just started giving it a good listen, it's great.

Horns: Did you listen to the new Metallica ? if so how much do you hate it ?

Mark: Yes I have it. I couldn't say I hate it, it's Metallica! They've definately gone in a thrashier direction, back to their roots almost. All in all, I think it's a decent album.

I'd like to Thank Mark for taking the time to send me feedback !

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