"A Word" With Octum !

Octum is one of Saudi Arabia's leading Thrash Metal bands, the band is currently working on releasing their debut album.
I got the chance to ask them a few questions about their sound, whats going on with the band, the metal scene and more
Heres how it went:

Horns: Hows everything going with Octum ?

Octum: Well, Octum is doing fine...it's chilling at the moment! I guess right now we're in the process of arranging our debut album. It's a long process since some members are studying abroad.

Horns: Describe your sound ?

Octum: Wow, well, tough question. I'd like to say that each member of the band represents a separate entity. For instance, Sultan R (Guitars) would bring in a more progressive aspect to the band and Mohammed K (Drums) would be merge Sultan's riffs with a "Thrashy" beat.

I'd like to say that our sound is very diverse. It contains a bunch of elements from different genres and sub-genres. However, when we put it all together, a thrash genre tends to radiate the most.

Horns: How was the new demo received by fans ?

Octum: Well, prior to the demo that was release on January 2008. We had 2 songs out. They were what Kumji and I called SUB-Demos. I think it was testing the water before we could drink it! The first two songs received a form of negative reception from the community.

However, when we released our demo, everything shifted. It became more popular! I think when we altered the singing style it made us more 'popular.' Back in the two previous SUB Demos I sounded like, this is what a friend says, a news anchor. A lot of people have starting complementing our demo now days, which feels good!

Horns: Did you listen to the new metallica ? if so how much do you hate it ?

Octum: Yes. We've heard it! I personally, loved it. I never hated Metallica. A lot of people that actually criticize Metallica do it to 'fit in' to a group or window dress their personal preferences. I really liked the new album because it sort of put them back on track. I wasn't a big fan of the solos, but at least Kirk decided to grow some balls again and put something in the album. When St. Anger came out, it felt that Kirk went to Rehab and missed out on all the recording sessions of the album, not James.

Hows the local metal scene lately ?

Octum: This is what I tend to call a fragile metal scene. I believe it has potential. It's great, on the surface, however what lies beneath is a form of hypocrisy. I dont want to get into that. But all in all, we're very supportive of one another, well in some cases, and we will continue to grow! Let's just hope we dont go off on a tangent!

Hey! As long as we are together and supportive of one another, everything will be fine! Live your life and live it well! Metal Up All Ur Asses!

"Octum will continue to serve the Saudi metal scene and supports all the bands in the Saudi Society."

I'd like to thank the guys for taking the time to send me feedback !
Keep a look out for their new album pounding some riffs into your system !

Octum on Myspace

Octum - Illusion of War (Live at Metal Night)

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