"A Word" with Resistor from myGRAIN!

"Resistor" was more then awesome to let me in on whats going on with myGRAIN and his personal opinion about the new Metallica, who would win in a fight between James Hetfield and Zakk Wylde and more!

Heres how it went :

Horns: Whats new with myGRAIN ?

: Well we're starting our tour in finland next month, so now we're just rehearsing as much as we can. We're also writing new material for our third album & man I gotta say that it will be some heavy & asskicking stuff!

Any plans for shooting a video ?

Hopefully when our third album is released, our record label gives us a chance (money) to shoot a video. Maybe we make in the meanwhile our own video, with some live footage etc. from the road. We shall see?

What have you been listening to lately ?

Resistor: I listen to so many different music styles & it's not only metal. Lately my fave bands have been Metallica, Turbonegro, Cannibal Corpse, Chevelle, Bob Marley, Mötley Crue, The Darkness etc.

Heard the new Metallica ? if so how much do you hate it ?

Well I'm a huge Metallica fan. I think that it's the best Metallica album since the black album. I actually just bought it & I have listened it only couple if times so hard to say more at this point.
For me the old Metallica rules ( Master of Puppets is my all time favorite album).

Horns: Who would you root for in a fight between Zakk Wylde and James Hetfield ?

Resistor: James is the man! I haven't heard that much Zakks music... don't know why actually?

I would like to thank Ressitor for taking the time to answer my questions !!
Cheers !!!

myGRAIN's new album "Signs Of Exsistence" Is out NOW !! you can order it HERE
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