"A Word" With Kristian from Norther !!!

Norther is a Melodic Death Metal band from Finland whose style incorporates elements of Heavy Metal and Power Metal. Many critics often compare Norther's sound (particularly of their first album) to that of Children Of Bodom's, but upon a second listen you would realize that Norther brings a completely different brand of extreme to the table.

The band are actually good friends with the guys from Bodom, and have been for a while. I got the chance to ask Kristian (Guitars/Back up vocals) about whats new with Norther, future releases and more!

Here's how it went :

Horns: Whats going on with Norther lately ?

Kristian: We just came back from our Canadian tour and we are still going to play in Spain and Russia this year.

Horns: You guys are good friends with Alexi and Children of Bodom ? ever considered doing something together?

Kristian: We have done something together already. In our version of youth gone wild there's Alexi and ex guitarist Alexander Kuoppala shouting their guts out.

Horns: Does Petri's commitments with Ensiferum clash with the bands schedule?

Usually no. Sometimes it can also be vice versa. But we have a good relationship with everyone from Ensiferum
as well as from Wintersun so all is fine (Jukka plays in Wintersun)

Any plans for a DVD release?

Kristian: YEs but not yet, maybe in 2009.

Horns: Who is your favorite band to tour with?

Dunno... Turisas was great :D

Horns: Which bands are you guys currently listening to?

Kristian: The Haunted, Cynic, Arch Enemy, Mnemic.

Horns: Did you listen to the new Metallica ? if so how much do you hate it?

Kristian: No, but don't hate it either.... just not my cup of tea.

Would you like to add anything?

Rock like hell and hell like rock!!!

I'd like to thank Kristian for taking the time to send me feedback !

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Norther - Frozen Angel ("N")

Norther - We Rock (From "N" )

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