"Spotlight On Dubai" - Mortalz Of Eternity-

Mortalz Of Eternity is a very impressive young band that plays alternative metal
the band consists of a group of young teenagers with alot of potential

The band consists of:

Bruce (guitarist) : 14
Abaiz (drums) : 14
Brandon (bass) : 13
Andres (Rythm guitar) : 15

Had a little chit chat with Bruce the band's lead guitarist to get to know the guys a little bit more
heres how it went:

AB: Can you tell me about you musical background ?

Bruce: Ive only really been starting guitar this year but im jst pretty much like ma dad started learning a few songs i like.

AB: How did you guys get together ?

Bruce: simple. Me n ma bestie ABAIZ (drummer) started off with music and i got him into metal so that was pretty sweet.Anyways we were in maths class and just felt like jamming TOGETHER! so thats how we started. My bro plays the bass just lyk ma dad, Kaz, the singer, a knew he had a gr8 voice from year 6 play oliver twist. We tried him out for a song and passed.last of all, Andres, 2nd guitar, just metal lyk us. i knew he culd play so thats how we got together :D.

AB: Whos your biggest idol ?

Bruce: Biggest Idol, well, 2 top fav bands, Bullet for my valentine and Iron Maiden. But biggest music idol for me would probably be, either bruce dickinson or Matt tuck!

Did you like Bullet For My Valentine's latest release, "Scream Aim Fire"?

I luvd bfmvs new album, i luv all of em, i got all their albums. My fav album from them is, The Poison. No question asked.

Any other cover tracks you plan on releasing ?

Bruce: Its simple with the cover tracks.If our mates or anyone else requests a song. We would play it, so feel free to ask us to play any more songs!

AB: Would you like to say anything for the readers out there ?

Bruce: To the readers out there: Just practice, listen to the music u love, and get a band together !

So to anyone who wants more from Mortalz Of Eternity till they release their first full length sometime around Mid-November send em your request for another awesome cover song !

Check out the guys on:

Good Luck to Bruce and the rest of the guys !


  1. Wow!! These guys are pretty young but very VERY impressive!!!
    A perfect cover for inhale... u dont find that a lot!! Awesome!

  2. AB =D you gotta see us now !!
    we're working on our first original ;] am sure bruce already told u!! its osom !!

    Am the new 2nd guitarist; Sami
    hope to hear from u soon ! =D
    cheers !

  3. wow guys keep it going u rock