"Spotlight On Dubai" Of Brutality and Grace

Of Brutality and Grace are a Heavy Metal group based in Dubai, they are a thrash filled riffing attack with pounding drums, power charged bass lines and soaring vocals to overlay it all !

The band started out as an idea by guitarists Lucas and Fouad, when they started sharing Guitar Pro files and fixing bugs in each other’s creations. It was pretty obvious that they had something going on when their combined efforts seemed to make so much more sense
Lucas got in contact with Josh, then drummer of “Decoy Death Trap”, and asked if he would be interested in forming a little project. Josh agreed, but nothing more than the exchange of Guitar Pro files was going on with The Band.

The band had everything they would need, a killer vocalist/front man, an amazing composer and one of the scene’s more popular drummer’s and a whole arsenal of mind-blowing ideas. The only thing stopping this steam-roller from running was the fact that they lacked a bassist. They tried a couple of bassists and even a keyboardist at some point, but none of them seemed to really blend in or tap into what they had going…But then came Ali, who seemed to blend in absolutely perfectly.

Soon after the band went into the studio with local producer Milton Kyvernitis to record 3 tracks to show the scene what they are capable of. The response they got was quite surprising for a new band. The music they play is so different from most bands from the scene, it just seemed to catch people’s attention. With their music all sorted out, and the fans craving for more, the band decided to look for shows.

The band just recently performed at the BACK2SCHOOL Festival , with headliners Alien Ant Farm, fellow Dubai based headbangers Nervecell and Sun King.

Got the chance to ask the guys a few questions about the band's new frontman Mark, what are they currently listening to, about the new Metallica and more to get to know them a little better
heres how it went:

AB: Hows everything with your new Frontman Mark McGuire ?

Munki: Pretty alright actually, we're trying to sort out a few bugs, but then again thats how it usually is when someone new gets in. He's trying really hard, so props to him!

Fouad: We work as a unit, like any serious band should, Mark is doing his best at the moment to get in tune with our habits and mentality. We hope things will fall into place soon enough. :)

Luke: As with ANY lineup change, the process has been a little rocky. What's made it rockier is that I've now moved to study in England so I can't be there to make sure things are alright but I trust my brothers and I trust Mark, that's why I asked him to fill in the vocalist slot because I wanted to focus on the guitar.

Mark: its been a little rocky i mean these guys are just unbelievable musicians, and they jam very differently to me. i usually just say lay back learn what you can and if you screw up onstage just act like you know what your doing and no one will notice... OBAG is military precision and everything is done to perfection. and also its kinda hard gettin up to jam all the time i got a full time job and other stuff in my life so yeah but i love it there great...

Iron Ali:
Mark has a lot of potential and is putting A LOT of hard work into this band and we all notice and appreciate it. Apparently he still isnt performing as good as he can, i guess thats because he has been really ill and has a lot of other things going on in his life, and so he still needs some training but otherwise he's a good guy and a very talented person.

AB: Whats going on lately with Of Brutality and Grace ?

Practicing, writing, and practicing some more. The road to fame and fortune is hard and trippy, but when you practice more than you would like to, it seems to get easier.

Luke: We're just burning to play alongisde Alien Ant Farm and Nervecell and Sunking. It's going to be abso-effing-lutely killer. We're also trying to figure out how we're going to get things done in the short span of time that we have to get them done in. But we're hopeful that they'll get done and we're determined to bleed, sweat and cry to get it done if need be.

Iron Ali:
A lot of band practice and preparation, for this gig, and to get tighter as a band in general. We are also trying to get some recording done for The United We Rock thingy and hopefully we will get in. Yeah, we are really hyped up about the back to school gig and are excited and happy that we will be sharing the stage with AAF, Nervecell, Sunking and the bands that will be competing at the gig.

AB: Which bands are you currently listening to ?

I've been listening to All That Remains' new album and Slipknot's new stuff...Dont even get me started on slipknot...i'm probably the biggest fan in this country/region or whatever....but yeah. I've hardly been listening to much really. Lately i've been into more mellow stuff...Xavier Rudd and stuff...that shit's pretty cool. I've started playing the didgeridoo so that dude's been quite and inspiration as a didge player....but what a talented musician he is...wow.....anyway i wont stop...NEXT QUESTION....

Fouad: In Flames, Arch Enemy and Children of Bodom

Luke: Aside from my usual mix I'm actually really enjoying John Mayer right now. I've been doing the metal for such a while now that I needed a little something to give my ears a break hahahaha. "Heavier Things" in particular. At the same time I'm trying to get more stuff in. Need to vary my horizons a little so I've started listening to a little More Vai and Satch. Alien Ant Farm also. I've always been a huge fan of theirs, I've got all their albums and their DVD but I've been listening to them more because I'm going to play on the same stage as them which is cool.

Iron Ali: Ive been listening to Edguy, Hammerfall, Hibria, Helloween, GammaRay and am trying to check out other Power/Heavy Metal bands that have a similar old school sound. I really dont know much about these bands but am really checking them out and want to get a hold of all their albums. But yeah, im a big fan of traditional Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Hair Metal, Thrash metal and Power bands that sound a lot like the genres I just mentioned.

AB: Did you like the new Metallica ?

Munki: I'm not the hugest Metallica fan, so i really dont have much to comment...except Jame's vocals are SO CLEAN. Its like PITCH PERFECT....its almost like its some synthetic shit...like autotune or something...I'VE HEARD he didn't use anything like that and did multiple takes to get it perfect...but yeah :P...I miss the old shit where you can hear them fuck up you know...makes it a bit more real. I dont know man....yeah thats what i think of the album. No Comment haha.

It's definately not another St. Anger, its not the old Metallica, but its not bad at all.

Luke: Load/Reload meets ...And Justice For All. Best they could have possibly done after the shambles that was St. Anger.

Mark: havent heard it didnt bother st anger was a crime against music.

Iron Ali: Im a big Metallica fan but still havent heard the entire album. But, from what i heard of it, it sounds really good. Lucas put it in the perfect way. Load/Reload meets Their thrashier side (And Justice for all).

AB: If you got the chance to play one song live with your idol who would it be ?

Munki: Slipknot would be my idol to play with...either SIC or EYELESS or SURFACING or some of their old less mainstream tunes would be my fave...SO MUCH ENERGY....I love that....that would be my pick...

Fouad: Downfall - Children of Bodom

Luke: Either Soilwork- As We Speak or Testament- The Preacher

Iron Ali:
I would play either Wrath Child, Moon Child, The Trooper or Aces High with Iron Maiden. Actually i cant decide on what song id like to play with Iron Maiden but yeah, Iron Maiden is definately one of my most favourite bands and Steve Harris is my favourite bassist in the world. My bass playing, if not entirely, is heavily influenced by Steve Harris and playing a song with live with Iron Maiden would be more than just a dream come true for me.

I'd like to thank the guys from Of Brutality and Grace for their time,

Make sure to check out the band on their future shows if you missed BACK2SCHOOL,

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