"A Word" With Angela Gossow from ARCH ENEMY !!

Arch Enemy need i say more ?
They will be destroying the stage at the upcoming Desert Rock Festival live in Dubai !

With a new DVD on the way "Tyrants Of The Rising Sun" and a headlining tour coming up "December Tyranny Tour" (with supporting acts Mercenary, Sister Sin and Special guest Leaves'Eye)

The band is on rampage mode !
got the chance to have a word with "Metal Diva" Angela Gossow ! and ask her about performin
g in Dubai, the upcoming DVD, if she ever smoked, whats she currently listening to and MORE !
Heres how it went:

AB: It has been announced that you guys are going to play at Dubai Desert Rock 2009, how are you feeling about stepping into middle eastern territory ?

Angela: Great! Excited! I am just not bringing my space cookies. Definitely no cookies in that country!

AB: Did the Carcass reunion shows clash with Arch Enemy's tour schedule ?

Well, I guess. But we needed a break. At least I did! Too much touring takes the fun out of being in a band. Its good to get some rest to become hungry again! And I am def. looking forward to those German tour dates in December this year now! And Carcass fucking deserve their 2nd life!!!

AB: You guys are re-recording your earlier releases, would there be any possible collaboration with Johan Liiva?

Angela: Maybe. Interesting idea! I wouldnt have any problems with it - Johan kicks ass!

AB: It seems like you guys have ALOT in store, is it true that you guys are already writing material for an upcoming album ?

Angela: Yes. we always write. Music keeps pouring out of us - what can you do?!

AB: Ever smoke a cigarette ?

Angela: Yes. Horrible stuff. I smoked out of pure stress for about 2 years. I worked in a seniors home then, where people were dying left, right and center. I had a hard time coping with their suffering and loneliness.

AB: What bands are you currently listening to ?

Carcass, Rammstein, Gojira, Exodus, Testament, Slayer, Dismember

AB: Did you listen to the new metallica ?

Just the previews. I prefer the albums, where they werent trying - but actually where metal to the bone! Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets!

AB: You guys are putting together a DVD that you filmed in japan, can we expect a teaser or a trailer anytime soon?

Angela: Yes, we will start putting audio and video previews up from next week on! You can also pre-order a copy here: (links provided below)

AB: Would you like to add anything ?

Go and support the bands you like! Dont rip their music illegally - even if you pay just a few cents to iTunes, it will help them survive. Go to the shows and get our new DVD 'Tyrants Of The Rising Sun - Live In Japan'! It is amazing, we put all our heart blood, love and money in it - and now we are broke (again)!

Thanx for everybody, who has been supporting us for over 10 years now! We love you!!

Thank you so much Angela for taking the time to answer my questions,
Cant wait to see you guys rip the stage apart !

Click on one of the following links to Pre-Order your copy of "Tyrants Of The Rising Sun"


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Here's a video to Headbang to !

Arch Enemy's "I Will Live Again" taken from their latest album "Rise Of The Tyrant"

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