"A Word" With Daniel Ekeroth Author of the book "Swedish Death Metal"

Daniel Ekeroth is the Author of one Heavy Metal's MUST HAVE books "Swedish Death Metal" the book is piled up with every with the history of the genre,
here's what Daniel said about the book:

"In the mid-'80s, a small underground movement in Sweden started to emerge from small towns and suburbs. A handful of restless teenagers started to search for the most extreme music available, and a tape trading community began to grow. Eventually the teenagers picked up instruments themselves, and created what in a few years would dominate the world of extreme music — Swedish death metal. This is the improbable history of how it all began and evolved into the early '90s. The book also includes a massive A-Z of Swedish death metal bands (about 900 entries) as well as fanzines. All in all, the book is 480 pages long, and contains over 500 cool pictures. About 30 central characters of the scene have been interviewed" — including Fredrik Karlén (MERCILESS), Johan Edlund (TREBLINKA, TIAMAT), Fred Estby (DISMEMBER, CARNAGE), Ola Lindgren (GRAVE), Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin (GROTESQUE, LIERS IN WAIT, DECOLLATION) and Orvar Säfström (NIRVANA 2002) — "and some of their anecdotes are as wild as the music ever was. Still, the main focus of this research is the music. After all, the fantastic music is the greatest achievement of the Swedish death metal movement."

Pretty Impressive right ?
Got the chance to catch up with Daniel and ask him what he thinks of Today's Death Metal Scene, what's he currently listening to and more.
Heres how it went:

Horns: Can you tell me what do you think of today's death metal scene with all the new sub genres emerging ?

Daniel: Call me old-fashioned, but I think many of the bands that are called death metal these days are not death metal at all. I prefer the sounds of the 80's, and I am very pleased that Sweden has come up with bands such as Repugnant, Katalysator and Kaamos the last decade. That is how death metal should sound!

Horns: What are you currently listening to you ?

Daniel: Bathory, Motörhead, Lee Hazelwood, Death, Possessed...well, the usual! Newer bands I like includes Code, Invidious, Portrait, In Solitude and Dungen.

Horns: Any upcoming projects ?

Daniel: I'm not sure yet. Currently I am writing for the Stockholm Film Festival catalogue, but have some kind of idea that I will do another book about music in the future. Probably about swedish Hardcore - and I mean EXTREME hardcore.

What influenced you to write this book ?

Daniel: My youth. I never had a camera and lost most of my stuff when I moved away from home, so it was basically for my own sake originally! To recollect things... But now I am happy that I might open some eyes to some very good music.

Horns: Any books your currently reading ?

Daniel: Christoffer Hitchens is one of my favourite authors. Also, Dawkins. But mainly i am watching a lot of weird movies.

Thank you so much Daniel for taking the time to reply to my messages and for writing such an awesome book.

Thank you! Back to film work now...


I'd like to thank Daniel Ekeroth for taking the time to send me feedback !

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