"A Word" With Ernie from As Blood Runs Black !

As Blood Runs Black is a Deathcore band from Los Angeles, CA
The Band is the perfect blend of brutality and insanity,
If your a fan of Deathcore and you haven't checked them out yet (smack's the reader) then go over to their Myspace right now and enjoy some heavy ass riffing with some blasts that will surelly kick your ass !

The band is currently on "The Chose or Lose, Vote or Die" tour with Terror, On Broken Wings, The Ghost Inside, and Blood Stands Still

Got the chance to catch up with Ernie "The Game Plan" the band's guitarist and ask him about whats going on with the new album, whats he currently listening to, favorites from Allegiance and more !
Heres how it went:

Whats goin on with As Blood Runs Black ?

Ernie: Woo, way too much man. So much stuff going on really. there have been back to back tours for the past almost 3 years now. it's getting out of hand but we've finally sat down and got to the new album. we're in the studio right now and hoping for a March '09 release.

Whats your favorite Tracks from Allegiance ?

Ernie: I don't really know. I think i'm going to go with
Legends Never Die as my first favorite. i love that jam and we pulled that song out of our ass in a day. i like the way shit like that works out entirely to an advantage.

AB: Hows recording the new album coming along so far ?

Ernie: well, the process is slow but it's coming. it's really relaxed in that we're in our own home environment and are comfortable but it's stressed because everything else is still here to distract us as well haha. overall, it's good.

AB: What are you guys listening to lately?

Ernie: shit man we all listen to everything. i can't even really begin to point shit out. all of us are so really driven by the feel of music that we're always rotating. there's just so much out there.

Did you listen to the new Metallica? if yes how much do you hate it?

Ernie: No, i didn't. i think i'm going to keep it that way. i think what's going to happen is i'm going to end up hearing it in someone else's ride or something and then just say fuck it.

I'd like to thank Ernie for being so awesome for taking the time out of his busy tour schedule to answer my questions !!

Check out As Blood Runs Black on:

Also check out the video for "My Fears Have Become Phobias" from their 2006 release Allegiance

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