"A Word" With Figure Of Fate !

Figure Of Fate is a upcoming Jordanian Metalcore band, that mixes oriental sounds with modern Metalcore structures, they recently released a new song on their Myspace page called "Doors with no doornobs" which shows what the band is all about, I got the chance to ask the guys whats going on with the band lately,their influences and more !
Heres how it went:

Horns: You guys have been an active band for about a year now, whats your upcoming plans ?

FOF: SHOWS! We hope to play a bunch of shows and at the same time record more songs. After that we plan to record the album.

Horns: What inspired you to start Figure Of Fate ?

FOF: All the members in the band are long time friends and were in different bands over the years, it started as a side project. We found that we had something good going and decided to give it our full attention.

Horns: What bands influence you and what bands are you currently listening to ?

FOF: All the band members listen to very different things, which I think is the reason our songs are a little different than the typical Metalcore/ Hardcore genre. Basically anything that makes a sound!

Horns: Hows the metal scene in Jordan nowadays ?

FOF: The metal scene here is struggling, but alive... the lack of shows puts a lot of bands down but we are still standing strong and supporting the scene every way we can.

Horns: If you got the chance to pick a festival to play at, which one will you choose ?

FOF: Playing any festival would be great but Dubai Desert Rock would be something amazing to look for.

Horns: Anything you would like to add ??

FOF: Support you local scene, keep metal alive... and spread the word!

I'd like to thank Figure Of Fate for taking the time to send me feedback,

Be sure to check out their Myspace and to listen to their song (you can check out the track below)

Figure of Hate Player

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