"A Word" With Jordan Whelan from Still Remains !

Still Remains is one of my all time favorite bands, they blend the European extreme sounds of metal with some of the most melodic American sing alongs and hardcore moments, creating a sound so distinct and easily called Their OWN !

With TJ's soaring growls, Mike's melodious singing, and Jordan's signature riffing which every Still Remains fan thanks him for...

The three remaining members of the band along with newcomers Bone, Steve and Ben released what would be their last album ! "The Serpent".

When I First read the news that the guys are splitting up I was shocked (screamed like a little girl that just saw her barbie doll's head get ripped off by her older brother)

My first impression when i heard The Serpent ...I'd have to say I was surprised and needed to listen to it a few times to let it sink it, because the band took a different approach to their sound on it like a "Fresher Sound" but still maintaining their signature blend, but after a few listens "Aniemia in You Sheets", "Wax Walls Of An Empty Room", "Stay Captive", "Dance with The Enemy" "Dropped From A Cherry Tree" where all tracks on repeat.

A while after the video release of "Dance With The Enemy" the band stated on their myspace that they will be playing their last tour and that after it Still Remains will in fact go their separate ways... for a long time I was curious as to what is going on with the guys till i got a response from the ALMIGHTY Jordan Whelan, I've been dying to know about his upcoming projects and any sort of recordings he's got in the works... so got the chance to catch up with Jordan and ask him about life after Still Remains, the reason the guys split up, upcoming projects and MORE !!

Heres how it went:

AB: Whats going on lately with Jordan ?

Jordan: well currently home writting music. since the end of still remains it has been great to have some time off but i am definitly ready to hit the road again....touring is my heroin!! i need it

AB: Any plans for a solo album ?

no none whatsoever, the best part about writing music to me is having that chemistry with other musicians and putting your minds together.

AB: Is there a reason behind Still Remains splitting up ?

Jordan: i have been so lucky to tour the world and see so many beautiful place and meet so many awesome people but when it came down to it our thoughts were....well we can either go home write another record and do it all over again. or we can stop while we are ahead.

Which bands are you currently listening to ?

Jordan: always pantera, slipknots new album is brutal and HIM's Venus Doom.

You are famous for your riffs, who is your favorite guitar player?

DIMME RIP, still remains was actually in the studio recording Of Love And Lunacy when i heard the news of Dimmes death....sad day.

AB: Would you like to add anything ?

Jordan: yes, i am indeed still going to pursue music full time so be on the look out, i am currently putting together the band and actually writing songs with BONE still remains ex drummer. we will be hitting the studio in the next couple of months to record some demos. BE STOKED!!

I'd like to thank Jordan for taking the time to send me feedback !!

I Cant wait to hear some new music from you dude and Im sure theres a massive line up of fans waiting for your upcoming release !

Check Out Jordan's:

Also check out the video for "White Walls" from Still Remains 2005 RoadRunner debut "Of Love and Lunacy" its one of my personal favorites:


  1. I still can't believe they split up!! They had a unique mix that none of them will be able to produce working alone or in another band...

    "The worst is yet to come, days are getting shorter"
    Of Love and Lunacy is definitely one of my favorite almost perfect albums of all time...

    I guess as I was seeing the rapid changes to the band line-up I suspected this was gonna happen eventually, but not so soon :(


  2. Total Support to Ass Buster!