"A Word" With Justin from Bleed The Sky !

Bleed The Sky's latest release "Murder The Dance" is a total ass kicking album !! it'll get you banging uncontrollably till you break your neck !
Got the chance to ask Justin (Guitars) about the album's sound, his favorite tracks, and more
Heres how it went:

Horns: Whats your favorite track(s)so far from "Murder The Dance" ?

Justin: That is a real Hard one we are very Happy with all of them and the way everything turned out but I would have to say "Bastion" and "the Demons that Could be" and basically Tracks 1-12!! ha ha

Horns: Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical theme and the sound your going for on the new album ?

Justin: Well we went back to our Roots basically and everything we grew up with and focused more on having hard hittin Grooves that make your Head bob threw the whole thing ya know!!

Horns: You guys had a few line-up changes in the past, hows everything going lately ?

Everything is goin Great , Considering I am one of the "New Guys" HA HA but everyone works together very well ya know there are no Egos or anything we all respect each other and the the skills we contribute to the band as a whole!!

Horns: Which bands are you currently listening to ?

Justin: STEMM our Homies from New York, who"s New record "Blood Scent" comes out Nov. 11th, Horse Called War, an amazing Local OK City band, EkoTren from FL, The New Slipknot record, Colt Ford, Just heard this Country boy Rappin it is pretty good especially if you grew up in the Dirty South he talks about all that Crazy shit we used to, and really still do!!

Horns: Whats your favorite thing to do on tour ?

Justin: Hang out with our Friends and fans that we have met around the Country and DRINK!! and Always, GET ON STAGE AND TEAR SHIT UP!!!!

I'd like to thank Justin for taking the time to send me feedback and for kicking so much ass !

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