"A Word" With Ramzi from Bilocate !

Bilocate are one of the leaders in the Jordanian and Middle Eastern metal scene,
they play doom/death metal blended with oriental instruments, they call their style "Dark Oriental Metal" the band's latest album "Sudden Death Syndrome" has been getting rave reviews ! from Blabbermouth.net, Decibel Magazine, JorZine, VileNoise.com and Live4Metal.com just to name a few (Check out alot more reviews over at their Official Website)

The band recently performed a show in Lebanon at "Metal Blast II" with Kimaera and Kaoteon,

They have also been featured in "J Magazine" (The Official In-flight Magazine for Kuwaiti Al Jazeerah Airways) Discussing the culture role in BILOCATE's Journey and its effect on the Music, highlighting A Musical CD, a Book & a Movie that effected BILOCATE's Music

The band is currently crushing its way through the scene and I got the chance to ask Ramzi Essayed the band's frontman some questions about whats going on lately with the band, how are they liking the reviews, about shooting a video and alot more,
Heres how it went:

TMR: Whats going on lately with Bilocate ?

Ramzi: We have released a new album "Sudden Death Syndrome" back in June this year, we got ourselves a distribution deal in some countries in our region as the album is being sold in Virgin Megastores, Currently trying to get our album to be distributed in Europe and USA, played one concert since the album release which took place in Lebanon on September 6th this year, the album is getting reviewed by lots of magazines and we are getting interviewed and recognized as a result of the album success.

TMR: Any plans for an upcoming video ?

Ramzi: Yes, we are planning a music video that we might start producing very soon, but as you know we need to make some studies in order to provide something good.

TMR: Hows the reviews for your new album "Sudden Death Syndrome"?

Ramzi: Actually "Sudden Death Syndrome" is a success, as we are getting positive feedback from all our fans who tend to leave comments and thats pretty much apprecited, also the album is getting very powerful encouraging reviews with high ratings from big magazines and webzines, like Decibel magazine, Blabbermouth.net, Vilenoise.com, Rockfreaks.net, live4metal.com and Jorzine.net

TMR: Are you guys planning on playing in gigs outside of Jordan ?

Ramzi: As I mentioned earlier we have already played one gig in Lebanon (One of our neighbour countries), the thing is, we are'nt allowed to play live in Jordan, so any gig we'll play will probably be outside Jordan.

TMR: What was the reason you guys started Bilocate in the first place ?

Ramzi: Our love for music that grew with us since we were so young, and we have always believed that we can do something different when we combine our efforts all together.

TMR: Which bands are you currently into ?

Ramzi: If you are asking about other projects in which Bilocate members are currently contributing, there's Orjuwan a side-solo project of mine "Waseem EsSayed" which has one album released back in 2005 "Merna" and I'm currently working on a new album, and our guitarist "Baha' Farah" is also establishing a new side-solo project called Enrive, however, if you are asking about bands that we are currently enjoy listening to, well I would list the following bands: Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Bloodbath, Myrkskog, Vital Remains, Katatonia, Evoken and several more.

TMR: What advice do you have for a young musician just starting out in today's metal scene ?

Ramzi: To some extent developing out of tone music is not a bad thing, because life itself is becoming out of tone, just keep it thoughtful.

TMR: Would you like to add anything to the fans out there?

Ramzi: We really appreciate all the support we are getting from our fans, Keep it Dark!!

I'd like to thank Ramzi for taking the time to send me feedback,
Keep an eye out for Bilocate cause they will surely kick your ass badly !!

Check out Bilocate's:
Official Website

Check out the band's jamming video for 2nd War in Heaven

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