"A Word" With Simon from Scarecrown !

Scarecrown is a female fronted Italian metal band that blends soprano singing with growling, similar to bands like Lacuna Coil but with their own unique take on the formula.

The band recently released their new album "Letters From the Darkness" which has been getting great reviews.

On November 15th the band will be sharing the stage with American "horror punk" band Wednesday 13.

Got the chance to catch up with Simone the band's bassist and ask him about the new album, the band's sound and more,
Heres how it went:

AB: You guys have quit the blend in your music,whats your influences ?

Simone: thanx for noticing that! We have many different influences,from death metal to classic heavy stuff, some of us like to listen to rock or electronic music too, but the good thing is that we try to develop a Scarecrown sound without caring too much about our influences.

Are you planning on shooting a video for your new release "Letters from the darkness" ?

Simone: We are thinking about that, we've shot a live video of a concert, and we're still working on it, we will let you know.

AB: Hows everything coming along with your new drummer “Grave”?

Simone: everything is going awesome with Grave, he is a very solid drummer and nice person, and the whole songwriting process is now better due to his drumming skills.

Whats your upcoming plans for Scarecrown ?

Simone: playing live the more that we can in order to promote our new album, in the meanwhile we are writing some new songs and possibly enter the studio for pre-production as soon as we are ready.

I'd like to thank Simone for taking the time to send me feedback.

Check out the band's Myspace to get a taste of Scarecrown and to order your copy of "Letters From the Darkness"

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