"A Word" With Tobias from Blinded Colony !

Blinded Colony are one Sweden's new breed of Melodic Death Metal,
Formerly known as Stigmata, the band was founded by Johan Blomstrom, Tobias Olsson and then vocalist Niklas Svensson, the band have a little rocky wave at the Vocalist position at the moment and they are on the look out for a growler/singer to headbang to their tunes.

Asked Tobias the band's Bassist a few questions about their upcoming album, what does he prefer more touring or recording and more
heres how it went:

AB: You guys are writing new songs, hows it coming along ?

Tobbe: So far we..ve completed about 10 songs and we..re working on a few more, so it..s going pretty well

AB: Hows everything with the new line up ?

Tobbe: Well, as you know by now, we..re in the hunt of a new singer but otherwise everythings working out great, I..ve taken over the duties as a bass player and johan has returned as axeman.
He didn..t really enjoy playin bass so I thought wtf let..s give it a try and it..s pretty sweet, though I must confess that I sometimes miss playin the guitar.

AB: Can you describe the sound your going for on your new material ?

Tobbe: It..s really diverse, from really static (rammstein-style) songs to fast thrashy songs. I think people will notice a big step production wise from our predecessors.
You can get a small glimps at our myspace right now.
Its pre-production featuring our ex-singer Johan Schuster.

AB: Which bands are you currently listening to ?

Tobbe: Right now it..s Gojira, Rise Against,Coldplay and Threat signal. Quite a mix wouldn..t you say? hehe

AB: What do you enjoy more, playing live or recording ?

Tobbe: Playing live, Recording is pretty sweet when you get things togheter but the reason why I do music is to get on stage and perform.

I'd like to thank Tobias for taking the time to answer my questions !

Make sure to keep an eye out for the new Blinded Colony

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Also if you live in Sweden and you think you got what it takes to be the band's new Frontman Click Here for more info (must be capable of both singing and growling)

Check out the video for "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" from the band's 2007 release "Bedtime Prayers"

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