ARSIS Post New Video For "Forced To Rock"

Tech-death metal band Arsis will be releasing their upcoming album "Starve For The Devil" on February 9th through Nuclear Blast Records.

The band is currently on tour with Arch Enemy as part of their "Tyrants of Evil - North American Tour 2010" which just kicked off on the 20th.

Frontman James Malone had this to say about "Forced To Rock"

"'How can I better the world?' This is the question that I asked myself when writing 'Forced To Rock'. I eventually came to the conclusion that the death metal world needed an anthem.

Sure, it may not be the cure for cancer, but it is fun and fun is something that I feel is lacking in a lot of the music out there today. It's music, it's not saving lives; there is no reason to be serious 100% of the time. Tongue in ceeck or foot in mouth; I am probably not the proper authority to comment on the matter."

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