Dark Tranquillity Post - The Making Of "We Are The Void" Part 4 And 5

Dark Tranquillity posted the final studio report for the recording of their latest album "We Are The Void."

I totally missed part 4 which was posted a few weeks ago, so here's the final double dose to Dark Tranquillity's studio diary in which Mikael lays down some beast growls on "Dream Oblivion", Martin riffs it up, while Niklas shreds off to "The Fatalist" which is so far my favorite track on the album, newcomer Daniel chunks the bass and Martin Brändström electronifies the whole thing. We also get to watch the 2 contest winners for the pre-release viewing of the band's latest DVD "Where Death Is Most Alive", play the intro to "Terminus" on .... beer bottles!

P.S. the videos where recorded and edited by Ander Bjoler.

If you've been a loyal Dark Tranquillity fan, this album will rock your balls off...the band's myspace header is the best way to put it ..."20 Years of Excellence."

Review will be up shortly.

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