Eyal [DÅÅTH] Recaps 2009

Alright, this post was suppose to go up at least a month ago, but due to my stoner ass, it's being posted today.

A couple of month ago I emailed Eyal some questions recapping 2009, which he was more than awesome to answer, taking the time out of working on a instrumental (due to be released in April) with fellow DÅÅTH guitarist Emil Werstler and Sean Reinert (Cynic).

Eyal talks about his favorite releases of 09, the decade, the global recession, swine flu, working on a new DÅÅTH record (get f'in psyched!) and more.

Here's how it went:

TMR: What are you favorite albums for 09?

Eyal: The only three records from 2009 that I found myself playing more than once, let alone finishing were the Mastodon, the DAATH, and the Alice In Chains Records

TMR: Now that the decade is coming to an end, what are some of your favorite releases in the 2000’s?


Muse - Absolution, Black Holes And Revelations

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf, Lullabies to Paralyze

Opeth - Blackwater Park, Ghost Reveries

Satyricon - Volcano

Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon

Necrphagist - Epitaph

Silverchair - Diorama

Department Of Eagles - In Ear Park

Slipknot - Iowa

TMR: What’s the craziest encounter you had this year?

Eyal: Full blown Swine Flu had to be the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. 2 emergency room visits while on a tour. Leaving the tour without the band because I couldn't continue.

9 days in the hospital in a near death state complete with constant 103-104 temperatures, thick gallons of blood coughed up, doctors trying anything to save me even if they were clueless as to what I even had, and more amazing things to go through. Six weeks at home in bed recovering. H1N1 baby! The hype is real!

TMR: How did the global recession affect your state of metal?

Eyal: less people at shows, less sales overall, less records in stores because shelf space is more limited, less money in label budgets

The music industry was already in its death throes before the recession hit. Imagine how much worse it is now that the whole world is hurting.

TMR: If you have a new year’s resolutions, what would it be?

Eyal: I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. Those are usually just an over-reaction to guilt caused by someone letting themselves go over the holidays.

Its easier to justify acting like a drunk pig if you are about to join the gym. The closest thing that I would have to one of those is that I'd like to continue on the path I'm on. I think its the right path.

TMR: If you had the chance to change anything you’d want to change about 2009, or the 2000’s in general what would it be?

Eyal: Don't look back. I wouldn't change a thing. Changing one thing can alter everything. I just focus on moving on.

TMR: How many tweets have you tweeted so far?

Eyal: 50 or so? I need to get on the ball with that. If your personal facebook page could link to twitter somehow that would make things easier.

TMR: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, would you like to add anything?

Eyal: Happy new year! Thanks for taking the time to ask me the questions. Look for my instrumental project, Levi / Werstler, which features drums by Cynic's Sean Reinert to be out this April on Magna Carta Records.

Also new DÅÅTH is being written now. So look for a new album from us in the Fall of 2010.

Make sure to check out DÅÅTH on Myspace, for all the latest updates concerning the band's next album, as well as Eyal and Emil's instrumental record.

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