GENERICHRIST To Release New Album, Also To Release A Split With Jordanian Band Esodic

[Press Release]

Tampa,Florida Thrash/Death Metal band GENERICHRIST has joined forces with extreme Metal label Xmusickchina/AreaDeath Productions to release their new special limited edition album titled "Mindumpster" to the world later this month.

The album will also feature the artwork of Florida underground artist Mark Cooper who has handled the artwork for GENERICHRIST through the years on the bands past releases.

AreaDeath Productions has put out releases by such acts as NECROPHAGIA, NUNSLAUGHTER, THANATOS, ROTTING CORPSE, SKITZO, and DECEASED to name a few.

The "Mindumpster" album features a revamped line-up led by the founder and frontman Tony Anderson (Skintomb).

In related news GENERICHRIST has also confirmed that they will be doing a split with Jordanian Thrash/Death metal band Esodic in May. This split will be put out by West Virginia based label Death Star Records and will feature four tracks from each band.

For more information visit the band's Myspace.

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