Noisecreep Premiere New Killswitch Engage Song

The "God of War III - Blood & Metal" EP will be out on March 2nd (click here to pre-order for only 1.99$), which RoadRunner Records have teamed up with the game's developers to unleash the heavy unto gamers by providing music by some of the baddest mother f'ing bands on the label's roster.

One of them being Killswitch Engage, are currently streaming the band's latest song (and to clear the air, it is with front man Howard Jones) titled "My Obsession" at this location.

Official track listing available after the jump!

  1. Killswitch Engage – My Obsession
  2. Trivium – Shattering The Skies Above (click here to stream the song)
  3. Dream Theater – Raw Dog
  4. Taking Dawn – This Is Madness
  5. Opeth – The Throat Of Winter
  6. Mutiny Within – The End

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