Trivium Reveal Why Travis Smith Was Fired

In an interview with Noisecreep, front man Matt Heafy mentioned that Travis Smith was let go of over the phone and that the reason Travis sat out on the band's recent "Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour" shows was due to "personal issues."

Matt comments:

"We were coming to the point where the band was — not necessarily dissolving — but dissolving in creativity and maybe in live fire and energy, so we had to make a change for the positive,"

"Thankfully, we were able to find Nick, who was able to step it up and really be that guy to take us to the next level."

"We told [Travis] over the phone [that we were continuing with Augusto] and it was hard for everyone involved. But I hope it's going to be something Travis recognizes was for the better for him in years to come. For his own health and well-being as well and for our own. I heard that he's doing very well now and that's the best you can wish for. And we hope he does amazingly, no matter what he picks in life to do next."

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