Unearth = Awesome Metal

So the last time we got our asses kicked by an Unearth album was back in 08, so far the band have not announced a new album, but they did release a new video for the song "Crow Killer" taken from their latest album "The March."

Here's what front man Trevor Phipps said about the video:

“The new Crow Killer video is a combination of both club and festival show footage as well as behind the scenes clips from tour.

This edit of the video is different than the one seen on the special edition of The March as it is more of a compilation of what is on the special DVD itself.

Go over to the horror movie fanatics site Bloody-Disgusting.com to witness the carnage, mayhem and party that we bring on and off the stage.

See you on the road soon on the Atticus Metal Tour 2 March 4 – April 4!!!”

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