ASOA Post 2 Shots of Adrenaline!

Dubai based deathcore band A Shot Of Adrenaline have been working on 2 new tracks, which they have made available for streaming through their Myspace page today. The songs are titled "The Human Plague" (featuring Shams from Discord) and "Transfiguration."

The band have really stepped it up a couple of notches in terms of brutality, which you can sense as soon as "The Human Plague" hits your speakers, and then the alternating screams and growls of front man R.D. and Discord's Shams take over to bring on the mosh.

The song brings out new elements to ASOA's song structures and show cases an even tighter musicianship in the fold.

"Transfiguration" grinds out some brutal pig squeals and vintage death metal riffs that will leave you in echoes of aggression.

A Shot Of Adrenaline recently announced that they will be performing at the 3rd upcoming Annihilation Gig, taking place at Ramada Continental Hotel in Abu Hail, Dubai on Friday, March 26th. (more information about the gig, available after the jump!)

Click here to stream "The Human Plague" and "Transfiguration"

With a huge lineup of local bands including Gandhi's Cookbook, Lipslide and more, this Friday's Annihilation Gig 3 will also serve another purpose: fund raising for Haiti.

Please bring any clothes, blankets, canned food, shoes and everyday items that you would like to donate, as this will be sent over to Haiti by the organizer. There will be a box next to the door and you WILL be expected to bring atleast one item with you!

The location is at Ramada Continental Hotel in Abu Hail, from 5pm until midnight

What genres?
All types of metal, alternative, punk, etc.

So whos playing? (in order)

* We Left As Skeletons (Postcore)
* Serpent Dye (Death/Black)
* Unhaven (Progressive rock)
* Tragedy Unfolds (metal/metalcore)
* Discord (DM)
* Gandhi's Cookbook (Punk/Ska)
* A Shot of Adrenaline (Deathcore/DM)
* A Blessed Aftermath (Hardcore)
* Perversion (Death Metal)
* Lipslide (Punk/Thrash)

Entrance Fee- Dh30. Dh20 if you bring an item of donation with you.

Please note this event for all ages.

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