MetalSucks Readers Interview Dark Tranquillity Frontman Mikael Stanne

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MetalSucks recently solicited reader questions for frontman Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity, and in turn Mikael has answered them in equal helpings of funny and serious.

Here's an excerpt:

Have you ever been mistaken for Chad Kroger? Do gingers have soul?

Never mistaken but I have often heard that we have a similar look. I totally disagree of course. And no there is nothing resembling a soul in this empty vessel.

Will the new album be a continuation of Fiction or will it be another step in DT’s supposed evolution? or… When will you stop making the exact same album over and over again. p.s. The Gallery is good, do that again.

We feel that this is natural development as well as a new beginning for the band. We are more excited than ever about the album and I think it shows all the different aspects of our sound as well as introducing new and different ideas.

So only one album can be done over and over again? For us it’s about refining and developing the sound of the band. Obviously there is a certain formula to the way we write and compose and it’s hard to totally think outside the norm, but we try.

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