NEAERA Plan To Release A Beast For Their Next Album - Band Plans To Work With Metal's Mr. Myiagi And Brad Pitt

German extreme metallers Neaera posted the following update about the band going in to the studio in June to record their follow up to 2009's "Omnicide – Creation Unleashed"
"The songwriting process [for the next NEAERA album] is going fluently; we're focused and very close to wrapping this thing up! We are very confident about the song material; this one is going to be a beast.

"We will enter the studio in June to work on this next record which will be released in the fall of this year via Metal Blade Records. In compliance with the back-to-the-roots approach to this record, we will record the drums at Stage One Studio with the Mr. Myiagi among metal producers, Andy Classen, who already produced our first record, 'The Rising Tide of Oblivion'. Of course, we will also work again with our good friend Alexander Dietz, the self-proclaimed Brad Pitt among metal producers, on this one. The mixing/mastering will be done by none other than Tue Madsen."

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[Source: BlabberMouth]

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