[Press Release]

"Since we've been a bit quiet this winter on the touring front I decided to sit down and write a quick band update to keep all you headbangers and delinquents up to date:

1. First off, we’re heading back to Europe this June! The tour is six weeks long and we're scheduled to hit up countries like Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Iceland, and England among others. The tour is being booked by the very patient Timo at Alerta Booking and the current itinerary is posted here about halfway down his page. We still need help with shows so feel free to get in touch with him.

2. In the interim since our last tour we've been chugging watermelon energy/alcohol cocktails and hauling ass through a set of new songs that we're planning on having ready for Europe. So far there are six tracks in the bag and the tunes are somehow more metal, punk and classic rock all at once. There are plenty of air guitar worthy, fist pumping shredders and when all is said and done I think most Metalhead wet-brains will be pleased. We'll be demo-ing a couple of these new tunes within the next month or two with Alex from Bloodhorse and the plan is to hit the studio at the end of summer to record the next full length.

3. When not on tour It seems like we spend most of our time talking about going on tour. Here are two new interviews that were just recently posted:

Thrash and Destroy


4. In addition, some newer videos were just put online including a couple from when we played with Misery Index and Magrudergrind (!) a week or two ago. You can see all of these on the new Youtube Channel we put together here

5. Speaking of the internet, we now have a Facebook and Twitter ... I’m sure a Friendster account is in the works.

See you on the road and thanks for sticking with us!

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