SEVENDUST Guitarist Clint Lowery Comments On Forthcoming Album "Cold Day Memory"

MetalSucks recently interviewed SEVENDUST guitarist Clint Lowery about his return to the band, the chemistry in the studio, working with producer JOHNNY K and what the band's new record "Cold Day Memory" means to him. An excerpt follows:

How is this record different or a step forward or whatever it is? What’s the deal with this record musically speaking?

I think it has good songs. I think this is a pure Sevendust record. It’s got all the elements: LJ’s vocals, my vocals, Morgan’s vocals, our kind of riffs, when it’s melodic it is really melodic, and when it’s heavy it is really heavy. I think it is one of the stronger “song” records that we have ever put out. All the songs mean something. There are no filler songs. It’s a real potent record, I think. I think it summarizes everything that this band is.

What’s your goal with this record? Are you guys trying to accomplish anything in terms of touring or musically speaking? What is the big plan?

We’re just trying to expose more people to the band, and the people who are already exposed, win their love again. We just want to be a successful band; whatever that means to us. Success means surviving, paying our bills, having people come to watch our shows and enjoy it, and giving the fans what they want. It’s a bunch of different things like that. To us we don’t have to sell a billion records, we just want to be able to survive, and we’ve been able to do that.

Do you feel like after coming back to the band from a long absence that you had something to prove with this record?

Yeah, man, absolutely. That was the pressure I was talking about. I didn’t want them to be like “well now that Clint’s back, now they’re going to start being this way or that way.” I just wanted that… now that the original 5 of us are back we make better music. I think we’ve achieved that. I think we did a better record than the last 3. I think it’s better than some of the ones I was on. I don’t know. I think we accomplished that, but it’s for [other] people to determine that now.

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