We Are The Fallen Release Debut Video For "Bury Me Alive"

Ex-Evanescene Co-Founder Ben Moody has been working with his new band We Are The Fallen which also features ex-Evanescence members Rocky Gray (Drums) and John LeCompt (Guitars) and American Idol contestant Carly Smith.

The band's first single is for the song "Bury Me Alive" if any1 recalls Evanescence's first hit single, you will realize the jab taken at Amy Lee (Plus actually the name of the band itself seems to be a direct jab).

I could see some press jabs between Amy Lee and We Are The Fallen over the next few month, because it also seems like Amy Lee is working on a new Evanescence album (because the previous one did not suck donkey/monkey/hippie balls... *facepalm*)

We Are The Fallen are set to release their debut album "Tear The World Down" on May 11th via Universal Republic.

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