At The Gates' Anders Bjorler Talks New DVD, At The Gates Reunion, New The Haunted Music In Interview

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Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks recently sat down with AT THE GATES / HAUNTED guitarist Anders Bjorler to talk about the band's new triple-disc DVD "The Flames of the End," which was released yesterday in THE U.S. The two also talked about the At the Gates reunion tour, the possibility of recording new material, and what THE HAUNTED are up to.

An excerpt follows:

I heard you guys say that you’ll never record a new album, which I actually think is a good idea since it would be hard to live up to that legacy – but do you think that you guys will never play live again, or was this really the end?

At this point and time it would feel pointless because the reunion was so successful and we don’t want to be associated with what I think are the bad reunions. Like, bands do a reunion and then stick to it and then people lose interest.

Of course we’re not going to record anything new. So much time has passed, and we’re very different people. We’ve developed as musicians, as well, along the way, and doing a new album now would be like copying The Black Dahlia Murder – it would just sound weird. [laughs]

Well, it wouldn’t be like you guys copying them…

But it would be for the new [younger] fans. I don’t really care so much for melodic death metal anymore anyway. I’m very proud of what we did, but I’ve kind of moved on. Now I’m really enjoying bands that take the genre further.

Anyone in particular?

Yeah, Mastodon and Opeth, or whatever bands have some progressive ways. That’s what I like, from my subjective view.

That’s actually a little proggier than your music has been in the past.

We had some progressive elements in At the Gates, but they’re not so pronounced. But they are in the background on Terminal Spirit Disease and even on Slaughter the Soul.

So At the Gates is behind you. You got some other band that maybe has a future ahead of it… What’s next for The Haunted?

Writing some new songs right now. We’re going to release a DVD called Road Kill. It’s a touring documentary.

You also directed that, I’m guessing?

Yeah. It was actually done before the At the Gates thing.

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