First Listen: Bleeding Through's New Self Titled Album

The new Bleeding Through opens with a very atmospheric instrumental, courtesy of keyboardist Marta Peterson. The album has a lot more black metal elements, which I must say from a first listen, sounds very balanced, more then on previous releases.

The band are still doing the blackened metalcore formula, but this album really does stand out in terms of darkness and brutality. The atmospheric keyboards weigh in perfectly with the rest of the instruments.

Brendan Shieppati's vocal performance is top notch and crisp as fuck, his voice backs up the thrash elements on the album precisely. Blast beats and riffle shot riffs bludgeon the album from beginning to demise.

Anti Hero was the first song made available for streaming on the band's Myspace, which made sense since it's a basic Bleeding Through song. (The band is currently streaming the album in it's entirety, minus the intro)

Your Abondonment is one of the blackest songs on the album, filled with blast beats, those haunting riffs and atmospheric keyboards, with some chunk filled thrash riffs to connect the bridges. This is certainly one of the better songs on the album, like the bastard child of Dimmu Borgir.

While Fifteen Minutes, the mother load of all blast beats, should satisfy all the kvlt fans.

Salvation Never Found blasts off machine gun riffing to converge with a very intense verse that just keeps the song on chaotic grounds. The song's main chorus is similar (more like a rehash) to the one found on Sister Charlatan.

Breathing In The Wrath was the 2nd song made available for streaming on the band's Myspace. The song starts off with hardcore gang vocals, that leads up to some atmospheric keyboards and then breaks into thrash metal territory with a vintage NWOBHM riff, definitely one of the highest points on the album, the energy in this song is highly recommend in case of a situation where you have to "tear shit up."

This Time Nothing Is Sacred has unusual time signatures...

The lyrics are the usual Bleeding Through content with the now vintage "I was never good enough for you" phrase thrown in the mix on more then one occasion. The album is also the debut of new guitarist Dave Nassie (Ex-No Use For A Name), who joined the band after Jona Weinhofen's departure.

Once again one of the highest points on the album would have to be the closing track "Distortion, Devotion" which stretches an instrumental for over a minute and 40 seconds and then out of nowhere Brendan growls the shit out of the track, with some intense riffing to help back up the brute force that's fired up, the band executes another memorable chorus (a little cheesy though) to top off be a similar closer like Sister Charlatan.

Bleeding Through's 6th self titled album will be out April 13th via Rise Records.

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