The Late Chuck Schuldiner's Final Work With Control Denied To Be Released On December 13th

Considered to be the "Father of Death Metal," the late Chuck Schuldiner, lead singer/guitarist for the legendary band Death, who passed away back in December 13, 2001 due to a rare type of brain tumor, worked on a unreleased album with his side project Control Denied before his passing.

Since he passed away, Chuck's family have been working on releasing his final work, and in the process fighting for legal rights to "not have it bastardized."

In a recent interview with the late metal icon's mother Jane Schuldiner, conducted by Brazilian journalist Thiago Sarkis, she mentioned that Chuck "asked for the promise from his sister, Beth, that she see to his vision for the last work he was ever going to do."

Continues Jane:
"It has taken this long through much legal work and money to finally get control and to be able to start gathering and planning for the album. Years it may have taken, but we prefer to say we have kept the promise to Chuck, nothing else matters."

Originally scheduled to be released on May 13th, which would've been Chuck's 43rd birthday, "When Man And Machine Collide" is set to see a December 13th release after settling legal disputes with the band's previous label Karmageddon Media.

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