Lets Go For A Ride With Gloominous Doom On Their Portal Potty

When you first hear the name Gloominous Doom, what sound would you imagine the band to execute? Probably! not what you had in mind.

It's a blend of old school Death/Thrash Metal influences infused with...Ska. Like the pissed off cousin of Sublime (only with much, MUCH more shredding and all the metal goods).

The band is compromised of:
Gloominous Doom are a Thrash Metal band indeed, but what's really unique about them is the fact that the band mixes their Thrash Metal formula with some very memorable Ska sections. It's one of the trippiest experiences you would get from listening to a heavy album, because you can't say that your fully listening to aggressive music (It's like your crazy pissed off Uncle who smacks you and a second later pats you on the back, and gives you a cookie.)

After listening to a couple of tracks on their full length album "The Feature" you start growing curious as to where next would they break the metal structures to introduce the listener to a Ska bridge. The band really know how to execute their formula greatly, with cow bells and everything!

For a moment you'd be listening to some neck breaking old school Thrash Metal with harsh vocals and the other, you find your self mellowing out to some smooth strumming and trippy effects. Somehow Gloominous Doom describe the buzz a stoner metal head gets, through their sound. It's epic to say the least.

The band is also strongly influenced by the raw old school Gothenburg sound, where you hear the classic harsh vocals backed up with thick riffing and pounding drums, but any second you might get yourself a "sublime" moment, and the pace will just go back to high energy without you even noticing that the structure just broke.

While listening to "The Feature" it'll be hard to say that your going to be able to digest everything the record has to offer from a first listen, the music while giving the sense of being raw, is still very condensed and layered.

Highly (with all it's aspects) recommended for thrash metal fans who enjoy the ganja, as well as fun folk metallers.

"By the way, NO ONE rocks a cowbell like Jeff GD (on his prosthetic leg!)."

Click here to visit Gloominous Doom on Myspace (on tour with The Binary Code)
as well as Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and GWAR on select dates

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