Limp Bizkit Post Track Listing For Gold Cobra, Band Might Be Unintentionally Dissing Themselves

Fred Durst posted the track listing for Limp Bizkit's upcoming album Gold Cobra on his Twitter page, so I mean he tweeted the track listing which is so punch yourselves in the balls, you might start thinking what if the band is actually dissing themselves.
  1. Introbra
  2. Douchebag
  3. Why Try
  4. 90 to 10
  5. Rock Ship
  6. Brand New Meaning
  7. Shark Attack
  8. Darkside of the Moon
  9. GFY
  10. Venomous (LBGC)
  11. Walking Away
  12. Loser
  13. Dance Floor
  14. Back Porch
  15. Angels
  16. Middle Finger
  17. Thank You
  18. Outrobra
[Source: MetalHammer]

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