METALSUCKS' Anso DF Interviewed John 5

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MetalSucks scribe Anso DF recently spoke with current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist and solo artist JOHN 5 about his new album "The Art of Malice," his gig with ZOMBIE, his time playing with DAVID LEE ROTH, rumors surrounding supposedly being asked to play guitar with OZZY, and more. An excerpt follows:

Something we discuss at MetalSucks is all the weird, exciting artists you’ve played with. Is your current gig with Rob Zombie a bit tame by comparison?

No, it’s not tame at all. The shows are massive. Here’s the thing: I am very tame myself. I don’t drink or smoke or do any drugs. All I love to do is watch movies and play guitar. And I love – love love love – to play guitar. Here it is ten in the morning and I already have a guitar on right now. It’s just something that I do –

Wait. You’re holding a guitar right now?

Yeah. It’s always on me. I always have it around. It’s not plugged in but you can hear it. [strums chord]

Now we can say you gave us exclusive, unreleased John 5 music. Yes!

[laughs] Yeah, it’s so cool. I’ve never been in such a great band and I never wanna be anywhere else. I love playing with Rob Zombie more than anybody I’ve ever played with in my life. This is where I want to stay as long as Rob wants to do it.

Is that feeling connected to the songs? Is it that you’re a fan of his music?

I was such a fan of Rob Zombie’s music that in past interviews when asked [whom] I’d like to play with, I’d always say Rob Zombie. I was such a big Zombie fan. I’d go see the shows and say to myself “Man, I’d love to be in that band.” If you wish for something, it can come true. I couldn’t be happier.

Do you feel similarly about your gig with David Lee Roth? That must’ve been weird, wild stuff.

That was more of a childhood thing – KISS and Van Halen. I just wanted to be Eddie Van Halen. I loved Van Halen so much. They were untouchable. They’re still kind of untouchable today. You can’t get close to Eddie and Dave – [not] the general public. Those guys don’t really go out.

So, it was so great to get in with David Lee Roth. I knew he wasn’t doing much at the time, and I was really assertive and make sure I got in there. And I did and we’ve had a great relationship for the past 12 years. It’s been phenomenal.

That DLR Band record was when I became a John 5 fan. But it doesn’t feel like that long ago.

[laughs] It’s strange. I’m just lucky because everybody I’ve played with, I’ve had a good relationship with. Dave is definitely one of those people. He’s a great, great guy and a great friend.

You mentioned KISS before. Would you join KISS if they asked you?

If I wasn’t in Rob Zombie, sure. [laughs] I don’t think I’ll join anyone if Rob Zombie is going on. I really am happy. The grass is not always greener. I’ve realized that [from] working with so many people.

If Rob told me he was going to hang this up, then, sure. I love KISS, so why not?! But you know what I’d do? I would not wear Ace’s make-up, I would make my own character. Or you know what they never did? [I know this] because I’m such a KISS nut. They never did The Bandit. Paul wasThe Bandit early on, but I think he used it only for a couple shows and did a couple photos for it. But no one really used it. So, I’d probably do that. It is KISStory, if you will.

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