Project Metal Nation: 3 Dudes From Finland Are Building A Plane And Plan To Fly To China To Start A Heavy Metal Night Club...Seriously

So like 3 dudes from Finland started a project called "Project Metal Nation" to fly to China to start a heavy metal night club, calling it "the most ambitious metal project the world had ever seen" and claiming that they'll "set up a Metal Nightclub no-one has ever dared to imagine!" and they are totally serious!

Here's some more information about the project taken from their official site:

"Project: Metal Nation begins to spread its burning wings from the icy hell of Finland, the Promised Land of Heavy Metal. We’re three guys on a quest that will blow your mind open and expand your consciousness about the World of Metal.

Our mission is simple: we are going to create a nation-like society fuelled by Metal culture in all its dimensions. Along the way we enlighten the whole world about the deeper meanings and aspects of Metal and tear up the false images and beliefs.

Our first step is even more simple: we’ll craft our own airplane and fly it to the Great Republic of China where we’ll set up a Metal Nightclub no-one has ever dared to imagine!

Sound unbelievable? Well, this is just the beginning…

Join us on this quest by registering to this blog and be part of the most ambitious Metal project world has seen!"

Good Luck Guys!

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