Spineshank Studio Footage Posted Online

Honestly I'm not even sure why I'm posting about Spineshank, do I think they'll make a proper come back? Will there next album offer something different and new? Will Jonny Santos stop being annoying?

Back in 2008 the band posted a new song titled "Born, Conform, Repent" on their Myspace page which was followed by no updates till now, the song wasn't bad, but just sounded like many other scene bands.

Front man Jonny Santos mentioned the following about the band's musical direction on the new album:
"First of all, you don't have to worry about us abandoning our sound; there will be plenty of electronics/loops/synths on this record. Jonny is also singing better than he ever has, so there will be a ton of singing and melody as well. This will definitely be heavier than our previous albums but it will not be all bashing.

I can wholeheartedly promise you that we will not be trying to be anything we are not. This is simply going to be SPINESHANK [several] years later. There will be a few new elements but it will be undeniably us (for better or worse!!!)."

[Source: Blabbermouth]

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