Spotlight On UAE: Coat of Arms

Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Coat of Arms blends influences from a wide variety of genres, to create a distinct sound easily in the modern metal spectrum.

The band is comprised of:
  • Rayan Bailouni (Vocals/Guitars)
  • Sam (Guitars)
  • Liam (Bass)
  • Turky (Drums)
Currently promoting their 2nd full length album titled "Inheritance" the follow up to their 2009's "State of Mind." Coat of Arms are quickly gaining recognition around the local scene for their blend of Nu Metal, Hardcore, Punk and even some Screamo. The band is influenced by such acts like Opeth, Lamb of God, KoRn, Slipknot, A Day to Remember, Alexisonfire, and the list goes on.

"Split between love songs, political songs, self-analytical songs, and heartache songs. A very common theme is being in a gray area with a lot of issues." Comments front man Rayan Bailouni on the band's lyrical themes.

"Whether it be a relationship, life, or self esteem. I try to reflect a lot about that region of your mood where nothing is certain. I just find that place to be the most interesting when it comes to people cuz it’s the only time when you really think about things."

"I think the best way to describe both the lyrical theme and the style of music is by putting the two together I would say. A lot of the music sounds very emotional (not emo, but very dramatic in the aesthetical sense). Like a lot of the music is very uplifting and “big” if that makes sense. I wouldn’t say it’s a very aggressive album where we thrash out and go bonkers on speed and sweeping.

I would say it has more of that enclosed feeling you get when you listen to some bands. Its one of those styles where the music is paced, controlled, but heavy. Its like a person who’s ridiculously worked up about something that instead of screaming out and going ape shit, he slowly grunts out words and cautions everyone. "

On the band's new album Inheritance:
"The idea behind the name being that all those lyrical themes and ideas are a constant factor in human life. Moves from generation to generation, that things like those I mentioned are almost instinct, almost genetic because we all go through those moments."

Listening to "Open The Dams" you immediately sense the modern metal vibe, with the band's tight musicianship and strong structures, the band does not comprise from the second the song hits, till the last note, filled with intensity and melody the band create guttural bridges to accompany big choruses.

Earlier this year the band released in collaboration with fellow UAE based band Vint Edge a tribute to Michael Jackson by covering his hit single "Dirty Diana" managing to leave their own modern touch on the song.

Coat of Arms are a solid band to look out for, there is no doubt that the guys are on the forefront of the modern metal scene in the Middle East and certainly worth your listening time and support.

The band have already released a video for "Open The Dams" from their 2010 studio album "Inheritance." (available after the jump, along with 4 songs from their new album)

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