System of A Down Reunion Fail?

So there was talk earlier this year that System Of A Down might be reuniting. The rumors were started by Bassist Shavo Odajian who sparked the orgy of interweb frenzy by tweeting "Are you guys ready for System?" back in January.

But the next day he took it back in a very obvious "cover it up way" by tweeting:
"About my “are u guys ready for System?”. I’m not sayin we are back but, if so? U guys ready? SoRry for gettin u guys amped. I’m just seeing"

After which vocalist Serj Tankian told Billboard:
“We always have offers to play, from festivals and stuff, but we have not decided to do anything as of yet,” Tankian explains. “We’re in touch. We talk. We call it an indefinite hiatus, and that’s how we still look at it. Nothing’s really changed.”

It sounds more like there might be a chance of a reunion happening, and even though Scars On Broadway announced that they will be playing ONE show in May, it really doesn't kill the rumors.

Back in 08 SOD released an album which was not received well (AT ALL!) by many fans and as
MetalSucks mentioned they did not have a successful tour cycle, so this might be that one show they hope goes well to get this project out of their system (no pun intended, yes it was, screw you!)


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