Taking Dawn's Chris Babbit Posts First Tour Diary For METAL HAMMER UK

The good folks over at Metal Hammer [UK] pointed me to this great read for up and coming ass kickers Taking Dawn.

Front man
Chris Babbit shares his favorite stories from the band's current tour with Airbourne, which seems to be a hell of a time.

has a very "feel like you were there" writing style, that will keep you entertained through out the entire read. From getting locked out a venue, to a whore's asshole (yea, I was all like O.0 at first too), these guys are set for big things ahead.

An excerpt follows:
“I’m not much of a drinker. Anyone who knows me will tell you that (I’m not much of a “blogger” either, yet here we are). BUT let’s just say when you’re on tour with a band like Airbourne, Darwinian principles take root. You adapt or you abscond. Mix in or miss out. Fight or flight, motherfucker! So naturally I selected* the former and formed gills, because those guys drink like fish (yet I never ONCE saw them drunk!).

To be fair I don’t have the tolerance (or the bank account) to get anywhere NEAR annihilated on the road (unless, of course, YOU’RE payin’). With ever-important shows to play the next day, I couldn’t allow the crippling effects of a harrowing hangover to compromise a single performance. Seriously, schoolgirls outdrink me.
I hold my liquor like a little girl.

And THAT’S not even true, because three lovely little girls drank me under the table just the other night at the Crobar in London (but that’s a tale for another time…and frankly if you’re a card-carrying VIP of the bar, you’re PROBABLY a seasoned alcoholic, and rest assured I mean that as a compliment, and rest even further assured that I employ more commas than Niccolo Machiavelli, and if you don’t rest so easily assured, just pick up The Prince)."

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