BareBones Music Interviews Everytime I Die caught up with Andy Williams and Jordan Buckley of EVERY TIME I DIE prior to a show recently. Evil G. spoke with the guys about their current record New Junk Aesthetic, the video for "Wanderlust," how they like to change up the audiences they play for from metal to punk and alternative and finally some of the wildest stories from the road.

One story confirmed from Louisville, KY back in April of 2010 when a fan from the audience who had a prosthetic leg was brought up on stage and had the leg filled with beer and who drank out of it. Plus a show in Fort Wayne, IN where Andy says, "with my own eyes, right in front of me, I saw a garbage can get crowd road, it fell and then a girl fell into the garbage can."

Plus other wild stories, how "there's a fine line between metal and pro wrestling," and live footage from the show!

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