BareBones Music Post HELLYEAH Video Interview

[Press Release]

Chad "Agent eX" Perkins of talked backstage with Tom Maxwell (guitars) of HELLYEAH recently. Tom talked about their upcoming new release Stampede out July 13th. Tom also lays out the band's touring plans and reveals some interesting insight to the future of HELLYEAH, as well as the other bands associated with it (Mudvayne, Knives Out!).

When asked if the other bands associated with HELLYEAH would always be around, Tom gave a delayed and less than convincing "Umm-hum". When prodded to expand on his answer, Tom added, "I don't know, I have nothing to say." However, when asked if HELLYEAH would always be around he gave a quick and confident "Yeah". He added, "We've found our happiness, I mean, sometimes it takes your entire career to find the certain pieces of the puzzle." Adding, "...I think the five of us have really found that."

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