BareBones Music Update: Interviews With - OVERKILL, Smile Empty Soul, And WARBRINGER

Bare Bones Music recently caught up with OVERKILL, Smile Empty Soul and WARBRINGER respectively, during their tour cycle.

"Blitz" Ellsworth of OVERKILL discusses with Evil G. how they have achieved lasting longevity spanning 25 years and 16 albums. How the band has adapted to the ever changing music business landscape and technology. Bobby also discusses Ironbound the latest OVERKILL record, their current KILLFEST 2010 tour and the friendly competition among heavy metal bands young and old. Plus all the great new thrash bands coming up through the ranks.

Smile Empty Soul are currently on tour in support of their latest record, Consciousness. Evil G. spoke with Sean, Ryan and Jake about the fall out with their record company prior to their last release, Vultures, the reason, Anxiety, their follow-up record to their self titled debut was not released. Also the band discusses their current record, Consciousness, their first single "Don't Ever Leave," what's up next for the band and the fulfillment of having More Anxiety their 2005 record finally released, digitally re-master and the inclusion of a behind the scenes DVD. Plus live performance footage!

WARBRINGER are currently on the KILLFEST 2010 tour with Overkill and Evile. Evil G. talks with lead singer John Kevill about the current tour, their latest album Waking Into Nightmares and getting signed by Century Media Records. John also discusses plans on recording a new album and WARBRINGER's upcoming tour dates. Plus live performance footage.

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